Signature Show & Concours Creations

Bringing your automotive design ideas ... to life!

Many think it! ...

but few achieve it!



Stand out from the crowd

and make your idea reality!

                      How many times have you heard someone say ....

          "Oh ... I thought of doing that, but never got round to it!"


"Easily said... harder to achieve!"

Our objective is simple ...


                       ...  to create individually designed

                                              signature parts for unique sports cars.


You've had a lightbulb moment and been inspired...


... now take the next step ... contact Rich

                              and make your design idea reality!


Think it ... Design it ... Create it!

Pattern Work ... Moulds ... Signature Parts ... to your design.

Creating bespoke parts for unique sports cars

Innovation & Creation

* 2017 Knebworth Concours Masterclass Winner *

- Ex Lola -

Formula History: Indy Car, Champ Car, F3000, F3, British Touring Car, LMP's, Cottage Industry Sportscars.


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